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Our Diverse Group of Local Investors

ONE has a large group of diverse investors, providing opportunities for minority ownership and including representation across Richmond. ONE is about lifting people up and building wealth within the Richmond community. See our investors below:

Neil Amin
Ken Ampy
Emmanuel Bailey
Ed Baine
Robert Bobb
Carlos Brown
Carleen Burrell
Damien Covington
Greg Cummings
Andre Dean
Craig Dixon
Missy Elliott
Charles Epps
Moses Foster
Wilson Friend
Wendell Fuller
B. Keith Fulton
Donald Gee
Patricia Gould-Champ
Monroe Harris
Devon Henry
Brian K. Jackson
Darius Johnson
Kenneth Johnson
Lester Johnson
Tara Johnson-Williams
Kevin Jones
Nicholas Jordan
Clovia Lawrence
Ed McCoy
Willie McKinney
Michelle Mosby
Johnny Newman
Michael Powell
Danny Robinson
Frank Royal
Pamela Royal
Pamela K. Royal
Lisa Speller
Jackie Stone
Immanuel Sutherland
Charles Sutton
Eugene Thomas
Malcolm Thomas
Chris Tsui
Amy Venable-Turner
Todd Waldo
Rob Walker
Germaine Williams
Sam Young